regarding free psd files.

I put together a bunch of totally FREE opensource psds which I have created over time…..(feel free to credit me with a link of mine on your blog- especially if you use it for commercial use) and they can be found on one very beautiful page. “BEAUTIFUL  PAGE” – I plan on expanding this site on a large scale….so have fun while you can still count all the files on  both hands….and tell all your friends about it. – It wil be transfered to a proper domain also within some time – this is all part of the renovation plans. currently it is on a subfolder of my portfolio site. Anyways I gotta run…please eat slowly. – OH how can I forget  – If you have psd files that you want to share – you can just EMAIL them to me  I will review it and if it is good to go – I wil notify you . I will than post them on the site with a credit link of yours attached.

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i wally worky woo too!

muy buen aporte

Thanks about this work
Ill waiting for another

Thanks about this work
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