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SOUPERWOMAN logo contest! Only One Week Left.

Deadline for submissions has passed. The Entries are in can be seen here: CLICK HERE  One more week to submit logo designs for the souperwoman logo design contest. PRIZE:  $75.00USD – READ THE GUIDELINES AND SUBMIT A LOGO!

Magic Night PSD of the day.

I have been quite busy lately but I hope this PSD makes up for it. It is just something I doodled in photoshop and I dont really have any use for it – so all you designers who can use it or its elements please go ahead. Of course credit me – where credit is due.  […]

Pixels are out – Tags are in.

What am I talking about? You all know the Million Dollar Page ? well go to – MVDmedia has recently launched a site using the same concept, but instead of pixels – it uses text links – in this case reffered to as tags. The site is very clean and user friendly. Advantages of being […]

One Red Pepper and one big smile – Just Photoshopit.

Until now i have been mostly blogging about web design related graphics – and this is good – but I would like to step one moment in the shallow end and blog a little about playing around with photos and doing all kinds of fun stuff with other peoples faces.  I must admit – years […]

Layer Effects – transfer from one layer to the next.

Good to know tip. Some people may know this – but it is very useful for those who don’t. Using Photoshop cs2 Q: How do I copy blending option effects (layer style) from one layer to the next? A: Simply place your cursor over the effect layer – Hold down on alt and than drag the effects to […]