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Magic Night PSD of the day.

I have been quite busy lately but I hope this PSD makes up for it. It is just something I doodled in photoshop and I dont really have any use for it – so all you designers who can use it or its elements please go ahead. Of course credit me – where credit is due.  Here it is:

It looks impressive? Well it is I guess but the effects can be done quite easily – I will not give them all away that easily you will have to go check out the psd to see how it was done . But I will tell you a couple tricks: The moon was easily created with 2 layers – a white circle on both layers – the top layer circle is gaussian blurred slightly and the lower layer is opacity 40% if I remember right. play with it its really cool. The leaves are even easier : photohsop has different style brushes – leaves is one of them so just choose black as your color – choose the leaf brush – and brush away.

Hope you enjoy.

Pixels are out – Tags are in.

What am I talking about? You all know the Million Dollar Page ? well go to www.Tagspage.comMVDmedia has recently launched a site using the same concept, but instead of pixels – it uses text links – in this case reffered to as tags. The site is very clean and user friendly.

Advantages of being listed on TagsPage:

  • the tag (for the exclusive type) or the title (for the shared type) links directly to your website. This is great for your Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and will improve your ranking with the search engines
  • the prices are very affordable (smaller than on the Million Dollar Page)
  • high exposure
  • high traffic
  • you choose how much to spend on your tag. Of course, the impact it’ll have depends on this
  • affordable and creative advertising

So all you web designers who are looking for some exposure for your blog or site – go for it!

One Red Pepper and one big smile – Just Photoshopit.

Until now i have been mostly blogging about web design related graphics – and this is good – but I would like to step one moment in the shallow end and blog a little about playing around with photos and doing all kinds of fun stuff with other peoples faces.  I must admit – years ago this is how I actually started getting interested in photoshop , I would just play with different photos, superimposing my face into photos of famous people – Bored? yeah kind of – but it was really fun. Anyways – later on in life I went to school to study Graphics Design and Print Production - During my second year we were given this project to take faces and crossbreed them with anything we like.
So here it is: aren’t they cute?

The teacher loved it by the way.  I guess the rest is history.
Tutorial Comming soon.

Layer Effects – transfer from one layer to the next.

Good to know tip.
Some people may know this – but it is very useful for those who don’t.

Using Photoshop cs2
Q: How do I copy blending option effects (layer style) from one layer to the next?
A: Simply place your cursor over the effect layer – Hold down on alt and than drag the effects to the layer where you want the effects to be added. If you do not hold down on both alt and shift than your effect will simply be replaced and not multiplied.