Logo Design Contest Win $75.00

Deadline for submissions has passed.
The Entries are in can be seen here: CLICK HERE


Corporate Logo Design Contest Win $75 USD.
We are happy to announce Photoshopit’s first Corporate logo design contest.

Design a Logo for

Entries will be accepted starting Today October, 4th 2006.
Last Day of Submissions : November 5th, 2006
From November 6th – November 13th all submissions will be displayed on a to view.
During this time the client will be able to see all submissions and will decide upon a winner.

In this free contest, your task is to design a logo for, a company (website) which sells homemade soups. The site allows you to order soup online and have it delivered to your door.The client’s company is located in Israel. The design will appear on all company branding and advertising (i.e. websites, business cards, letterheads, packagings, etc.).PRIZE:
The logo entry that the client chooses will receive $75.00 (Paypal payments preferably) If you do not have a paypal acct or cannot accept money through pay pal than other payment methods can be worked out upon request.CLIENT SPECIFICATIONS

  • Logo must contain the words “Souper Woman”. This is not case Sensitive.
  • The logo can contain up to 4 colors.
  • Entries can contain gradients (Client prefers not).

Your logo should represent Souper Woman’s mission of providing a service where people can order delicious and satisfying soups and have them delivered to their door.

The client is looking for an iconic symbol to represent the company. One of the ideas the client had for the logo is to use the idea of the character Super Woman in some way, but of course, feel free to use your imagination and come up with a better idea.

The client would like the font to be contemporary and at the same time reflect the feelings of home and comfort, something that will reflect the company image.

The client prefers Illustrator vector files (.ai ot .eps). Although we will also accept high resolution photohsop files with all layers intact.


  • Please send your vector files (.ai or .eps) or your high res. Psd files with layers intact and any fonts used in logo – to
  • Please do not enter slight variations of your logo as separate entries. Enter them as one entry.
  • A 300px x 300px jpg or gif image of the logo design should also be submitted for display.
  • Please note the name of artist/designer and brief description of your concept. (brief description – optional)
  • Not sending the proper files may result in disqualification of submission.

The client will be granted the full rights to all aspects of the submission of their choice as a work-for-hire in exchange for the prize mentioned above. Client can also forego choosing a winner.

Any questions about what is desired by the client may be sent to – with email subject “Souperwoman”

Do you want Photoshopit to run a corporate logo contest for your company?
Email Here with the email subject “LogoContest”.


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  2. I am not much of a graphic designer but in my line of work, sometimes the clients doesn’t have a logo for their website header so I am “forced” to come up with one. I have never attempted to do a logo just for the stake of doing one. I would like to try although my attempt may fail to win. “SouperWoman”? There are too many ideas starting to form in my mind already. I will try to give it a shot.

    Oh by the way, I love the PSD of the day… The White Light one. It’s sooo there for me. I would like to send you my version that I’m doing for my portfolio website.

  3. I agree with Eleanor, Jeff. No one is forced to enter and who ever does knows full well what they are doing. And besides, I think it’s a great way for starting designers to get their foot in the door and it is also good for building a portfolio.

  4. If you think it’s so disgusting, Jeff, don’t enter. Everyone who is participating is doing so with their eyes open. No need to be so harsh.

    Oh and I’ve been to caterers and bakeries that offer lots of free samples to encourage business. And to restaurants that offer cheep food at city ‘Tastes’. Your analogy is ridiculous.

  5. These logo design contests for peanuts are disgusting and insulting. The client should hire a proffesional designer. I wouldn’t call their restaurant and ask them to give me several bowls of free soup to see if I like them as much as a competing restaurant.

  6. I think it’s a very good start Aaron. The Blog is merely up and running, since it got a number one on hitrates.. I find it a very good startprize for a first try-contest. I like the way you handle your bussines and i’ll surely send entry myself too since i’ve been here from the start. I wish you the best of luck, and of course good luck to all participators of the contest.

    75$ or more whatever, the gold won’t get you happiness when you’re growing old. If I win I’ll grant the money to whatever organisation suits me.

  7. Yes the client is fully aware that the higher they offer -the more submissions there will be. This is how it works with most contests I right?

  8. My small town job charges that much an hour for design work… So as long as I spend less than an hour on it. 😉

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