Magic Night PSD of the day.

I have been quite busy lately but I hope this PSD makes up for it. It is just something I doodled in photoshop and I dont really have any use for it – so all you designers who can use it or its elements please go ahead. Of course credit me – where credit is due.  Here it is:

It looks impressive? Well it is I guess but the effects can be done quite easily – I will not give them all away that easily you will have to go check out the psd to see how it was done . But I will tell you a couple tricks: The moon was easily created with 2 layers – a white circle on both layers – the top layer circle is gaussian blurred slightly and the lower layer is opacity 40% if I remember right. play with it its really cool. The leaves are even easier : photohsop has different style brushes – leaves is one of them so just choose black as your color – choose the leaf brush – and brush away.

Hope you enjoy.

27 thoughts on “Magic Night PSD of the day.”

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