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3D cube with light rays effect – video tutorial.

This video tutorial will teach you how to create a 3D box with rays of light coming in from a distance. Now here is an image of the final product – or at least close to it. The tutorial was saved in AVI format – in a zip file – and you must download it before […]

Photoshopit video tutorials.

Hi everyone, Thanks for waiting. I havent added any new tutorials for a while now – Dont worry though some great FREE VIDEO tutorials are on the way. I will be making short and to the point photoshop  video tutorials which you will be able to download and watch at your own convenience.  Taking you step by step from […]

Souperwoman winning logo!

Congrats to Jacob! Client said she was impressed by all the entries and thanks you all for participating. For your information: The client was having a hard time deciding between the following logos – Red Heart by Nick Carter and the Simple text with spoon by Austin and the Steam SW by Jacob.  In the […]

Photoshoped it ? Or great angle!

Some very cool photos which were forwarded to me from a friend – unfortunately I dont know the Photographers. You can check out the original Mr. Queen and find the artist over here: Dont forget to leave your comments…

Souper Woman Logo Contest Entries – are Here!

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and I wish you all luck. The client will be looking at the entries and making a decision – The client has until November 14th to make a decision. If for any reason you submitted a logo and it can not […]