Souperwoman winning logo!

Congrats to Jacob!
Client said she was impressed by all the entries and thanks you all for participating. For your information: The client was having a hard time deciding between the following logos – Red Heart by Nick Carter and the Simple text with spoon by Austin and the Steam SW by Jacob. 

In the end client chose the one by Jacob- Congrats – and good job!

Souperwoman winning logo.



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  2. Hola, bueno, seguramente no entiendan español, pero, mi ingles es muy pobre.

    Creo que no es el mejor logo, ya que si bien es lindo, no cumple con las funciones de logo, las cuales son, que pueda distinguirse en todos los tamaños, ya que cuando este logo se achique perdera sus pequeños trazos, por ejemplo el vapor, tambien debe ser aplicable a todas las superficies.

    Hi, first, my english is poor.

    I think it is not the best logo, since though it is pretty, it does not fulfill with the functions of logo, which are, that could differ in all the sizes, since when this logo dwarfs will lost his small lines, for example the steam, also it must be applicable to all the surfaces.

    Bye bye!

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