$400 Prize – Logo Design Contest for Blue Rose Wealth Management

PhotoshopCandy is happy to announce another Corporate Logo Design contest.
Contest will be running from March 13th 2008 – April 13th 2008.
During this time the client will be able to see all submissions and will decide upon a winner.

Your task is to design a logo for Blue Rose Wealth Management.
And a Favicon Based on that logo. Favicon size: 16×16 pixels

Company Description:
Registered Investment Advisor that specializes in Exchange Traded Funds and Options, but are not exclusive to this asset class. Our first focus is capital preservation, with a secondary focus on capital appreciation that is accomplished with the use of complex strategies

Target Market: The general investing public, most notably high net worth individuals, and also other Independent Registered Investment Advisors, Institutions, etc.

PRIZE: $400

(Paypal payments preferably) If you do not have a paypal acct or cannot accept money through pay pal than other payment methods can be worked out upon request.



  • Logo must contain the words Blue Rose Wealth Management ( This is not case sensitive)
  • A Slogan/Tagline is optional: Modern Portfolio Architects
  • Client would like the logo to have a logo mark – a symbol of some sort ( Not an all text logo)
  • Client would like to see 2 variations of the same logo. One more suited for print and one for web. The print version should be a design with no gradients and less emphasis on small details
  • Colors: At most four colors
  • Overall feeling: I would like to try to have something that leverages the effects that can be utilized on a screen presentation, something that looks modern, and cutting edge, but when the effects are taken away and it is put on a business card, or letter head, it is a nice clean “corporate” logo.
    Client is open to see your creativity – but overall, something artsy, simple, dignified, etc
  • Client will be using the logo for Business cards, letterheads, apparel, and Web usage.
  • Client says:
    http://BlueRose.com has a nice logo, but not exactly what we are looking for per se, but maybe something along those lines? A little less artsy with the font? Maybe the slogan would could a difference? I do not know, just showing something that we thought was “neat”, but it is not quite right.


  1. Work File : Vector files (.ai or .eps) or your high res. (300 dpi) Psd file with layers intact.
  2. Display File: A 400px by 300px jpg image (72 dpi) of the logo design – this files will be displayed on the site for everyone to see – so make it nice and pretty. (if applicable: Include the favicon design on the corner of this same jpg file)
  3. Naming your “work” and “display” files: If your name is Bart Simpson – than your file names should be bart_simpson01 and bart_simpson02 and so forth…
  4. Font Files – If un-common fonts were used in the logo – please submit them too.
  • Not sending the proper information and files may result in disqualification of submission.
  • Any Problems or questions can be emailed directly to me at aaronova@gmail.com
  • Client can extend the contest deadline at any given time – it will be posted on site if so.

The client will be granted the full rights to all aspects of the submission of their choice as a work-for-hire in exchange for the prize mentioned above.

Want to start your own design contest? Contact us for details.

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