New “Rate the logos” feature! and more..

I am happy to say that we have added some new cool features to our logo contest system to make things easier and funner.

  1. You can now upload your files directly from the contest detail page.
  2. You can include a description of your logo concept or any other words that you may want to share.
  3. You can now Rate the logo entries – as you see fit. (The ratings will not decide who will win…although they may have an impact on the decision maker)

Hope you are enjoying it!


  1. ^Second that. Maybe there`s a space for including client in the n such..but definitely not public cause that way, i`m sure, others will be making requested revisions “instead of you”..
    Or at least, maybe can be added second rate system (different color/symbol/whatever) for the client only..

    Just a thoughts..

  2. Just some thoughts..

    I don’t think it’s a very good feature after all… MOST people exploit it and give “1” to their competitors while giving “5” to their own logo.

    Usually the better the logo is the more negative hype it will get. That means an otherwise great logo can appear to the client as not popular among the people.


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