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Art that plays mind games

Here are some pictures that I received in an Email forward – I thought I have seen them all. I was wrong.  Theses pics can be quite fun. Lets see if you have a good eye for them. Also if you know any of the artists, or if I missed someone or made a mistake – […]

Logo Design Inspiration – The BIG 15 Roundup!

When designing a logo it is always good to have a resource for inspiration. I decided to put together 15 sites that will hopefully inspire you when designing logos. Now remember, NO plagiarism…these sites are for inspiration only! You will see some really nice stuff and get a clearer picture of what logo design is all about. Enjoy.

Design the Mobile Phone of 2020!

Creative designers out there? $15000 Budget, Bootb is running a unique design contest. Go check it out! If you need to get inspired you can check out some “real life” cellphone designs that rock.     If I have time to put something together, I’ll let you all know.Enjoy!