Tips on Logo design.

Medialoper logo 

medialoper logo(c) 2005 
Logo Design Aaron

I designed this logo a while back. In general For this logo I went against some logo deisgn rules… but if it looks good, if the concept is catchy and the client likes it than go for it! Very important rule in general about designing logos is that it should be designed in illustrator – vector is ideal for logos. Logos should be no more that 3 colors and they should have little detail  – Logos should be more iconic as opposed to a detailed illustration. They should be made of solid colors and less gradients. – The solid color rule is more for print – while designing for the web, gradients can be really sleek and give a nice effect. Logos should look good  in both large and small sizes – so once you have designed a logo go print it out on a 10cm x 10cm area and another print out on a 2cm x 2cm – if your logo looks good both ways (meaning it sits nicely and you can read the text clearly) – your logo can move on. People will create a logo and spend lots of money doing so only to find out that it is not legible on a business card (now isnt that sad). Remember this – If you are a creative and talented person than you should know that there are no real rules in logo design these are just a couple basic guidelines which are good to keep in mind while desiging a logo – just be creative and do your thing  who knows-  your logo style may be the next BIG thing.

[Free PSD] Free Website Header Design

a sleek web 20 “lookin” header and web page layout – yes it is piping hot  it is something about the nice bright colors on a dark background that makes it look so good.


It was done pretty simply – and it can be customized even more easily – Just DOWNLOAD the free psd over here.
Just look inside and play around with it – you may learn something new, you may not. you may just enjoy not working so hard on your next web project. either way – have fun with it. – If you actually use this psd or part of it for an actual project (commercial or personal)I would be honored if you credit me with a link or two on your site. -ENJOY

My Full PSD Freebies Page & Get Featured

I put together a bunch of totally FREE layered psds which I have created over time…..(feel free to credit me with a linkback on your blog- especially if you use it for commercial use) and they can be found on one very beautiful page. “BEAUTIFUL PAGE” – I plan on expanding this site on a large scale….so have fun while you can still count all the files on  both hands….and tell all your friends about it. – It will be transferred to a proper domain also within some time – this is all part of the renovation plans. currently it is on a sub-folder of my portfolio site. Anyways I gotta run…please eat slowly. – OH how can I forget  – Do you have PSD file that you would like featured on my site?
Drop me an email I will review it and if it is good to go – I will notify you .

[Tool Tips] A cool photoshop clipping mask short cut I want to share.

I dont know what category this goes in – but I would call it intermediate to advanced.

Scenario: Lets say you have a certain image on layer 2 – and now you want to create a adjustment layer over top of that in order to give that image (on layer 2) a certain effect.  That is all good but one problem may arise – You may want that adjustment layer to effect only layer two BUT in reality it ends up effecting any layer which is beneath it also – which is a problem.

Solution A: 1. select the layer which is the “adjustment layer”
2. go to the “layer” menu at the top and select “create clipping mask”.  voila! its done.

Now the fun short cut: instead of solution A you do the following:
place your mouse (cursor) in between the adjustment layer and the image you want to be adjusted -your cursor should be exactly on the line between the two layers in the layers panel. than hold down on ALT (at this time you should notice that your cursor symbol has changed from a hand to a weird circley thing) and while alt is being pressed – click down once.

boom. your done.
in order to reverse the effect (to undo it) you can do the same steps.

I am using photoshop cs2 – if anyone doesnt see the same occurrences it is possibly because you are using a previous version.

that’s all for today. I hope you can all learn new things from this.

[Free PSD] Starburst Badge With Glossy Effect

So anyways lately I have been very busy and havent had much time to write out photoshop tutorials but psds are quick to make and sometimes you can learn more from going into the file and seeing how things are made and layed out…so this is what I have to give today these really cool and clean looking starbursts with a slight gloss effect - the free psd which you can download here is totally customizable – you can change the color and easily ad your own text…its great. I hope you all get use of it. ooh I almost forgot – what it looks like..

Starburst finished product