Alright Everyone lets photoshopIT!

first post ….of course I have to mention how its the first post…. because G-d willing in a few months down the line we can all look back at this and say wow!! there was once a time when photoshopIT blog had just one post only!! and only TWO HITS….which I probably gave myself by pressing “refresh” know how it is, gotta get them hits rollin….(As Max says: “Its all about the exposure”) its all about the exposure and the hits….more hits more what? Well the more hits the better. Lets leave it at that for now…- lets get to business . PHOTOSHOP !!- who doesn’t love that program? I think the whole world has been fascinated by it one way or another. Just look at the world around you, haven’t you seen those beautiful gradient skys lately?!  and the cool blur effect when you get out of bed in the morning…well that isn’t always so cool…I think if you play with that program long enough you start dreaming in layers too . oh well…….I am getting tired now so I am going to go give myself a mask with 100% opacity. goodnight blog.


  1. Hey hey,

    it might been a long time but I gave you that second hit the first post.
    Be a bit opportune 🙂

    Nice to see you’re growing stronger.

    Bye Carla

  2. I plan on doing a mix of photoshop tutorials – which will include: some cool efects and good user tips… and even the stuff that makes people go “wow” – and through the course of time I will constantly be adding personal spice to keep the blog alive.

  3. So what’s the premiss of this site going to be? Is it a fan site for Photoshop? Or a tutorial site, or just you personal blog? looks great, and you will see the hits roll in 🙂

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