Pixels are out – Tags are in.

What am I talking about? You all know the Million Dollar Page ? well go to www.Tagspage.comMVDmedia has recently launched a site using the same concept, but instead of pixels – it uses text links – in this case reffered to as tags. The site is very clean and user friendly.

Advantages of being listed on TagsPage:

  • the tag (for the exclusive type) or the title (for the shared type) links directly to your website. This is great for your Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and will improve your ranking with the search engines
  • the prices are very affordable (smaller than on the Million Dollar Page)
  • high exposure
  • high traffic
  • you choose how much to spend on your tag. Of course, the impact it’ll have depends on this
  • affordable and creative advertising

So all you web designers who are looking for some exposure for your blog or site – go for it!


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