Hottest Photoshopit Post for October 2006.

Drumroll please……. The Shiny Floor Effect was this months hottest post – This easy to follow tutorial was viewed 7601 times in the past 30 days.  Apprx 15,233 times since it was posted apprx 54 days ago.  

Reminder of how it started: Well Photoshopits first post was written on September 3rd just 2 months ago.
Here is the link to the first post Read it! Interesting.

Now During the first 2 weeks of launch we made it to homepage (Thanks Digg – and of course, Thanks G-d) During those 2 days we had apprx 50,000 page views – Yea I was pretty happy – and I learned alot in those two days. But after some time you get used to it. When I started I used to be extremely excited see that I got 8 hits in ONE DAY!! hehe… so much for those days – they were pretty fun too .
And here we are to day to top of the exciting month of October I am proud to say that we have had a total of 132,968   views  since We began.   Tutorials and Free Psds are still coming – I also wouldnt mind if someone wants to have their tutorials or psds posted on my blog to share with other designers and developers.  Just send me a link to your tutorial  and any relivant info  – I will have to look over it to make sure it reaches the standards that I would like to keep on this blog and if it does I will post it no prob.

Enjoy Photoshopping it! and TTYL.

All the best Aaron

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