1. Hi,
    I like step-by-step tutorials with images. That is easy to follow than video or written tutorials. It’s better to have .psd file with the tutorial.

  2. Videos are great for some things, but you don’t always get to see exactly what’s going on in the program. Maybe a screencast type similar to railscasts would be a good alternative.

  3. Written tutorials for sure, PSD’s are cool too but written makes them easier to work through and therefore actually learn more..

  4. I prefer written tutorials. Its easy to understand and to remember. Video is not very helpful it sometimes feel boringggg :p

  5. I don’t like video tutorials, as visually rich as they are, as I dont get very good streaming rates.

    As for written articles or free PSDs, I would like to see more Written Articles with PSDs attached for reference!

    But whatever you do, keep up the great work!

  6. I prefer tutorials written step-by-step. They seem to be easier to remember for me.

    Since this is my first comment on this site, I’d also like to thank you. I learned some new things with Photoshop from your tutorials.

    Keep up the good work.

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