Vector graphics vs Bitmap

vec_bit.jpgWhat is vector?
There may be more to it, but I will say what I have learned over time…
in short there are two types of graphics – bitmap or vector. Bitmap is made up of dots and vector is made up of mathematical calculations which form shapes. Are you lost? Well, I am not going to go into so much detail but the main idea I want to get across is the practical quality difference is found when scaling the graphic. Since when you scale  graphic object made of dots, the computer has to guess how to re-place all those dots over a larger or smaller area of the screen and when doing so it messes up slightly and usually comes out blotchy.
But when creating a vector graphic, the computer just re-uses that same mathematical calculation system to create the same shape exactly but in a different size.

Vector graphics are generally used for print. To retain the sharp crisp quality and re-sizing abilities.

Photoshop is not a vector program – When you  create a shape using the shape tool or design a custom shape with the pen tool . You shouldmake sure not to rasterize it. Rasterizing it will flatten it out to a bitmap graphic. If you keep it as will remain just like a vector graphic.

Adobe illustrator is a vector program and logos should generally be done in this program as opposed to photoshop.

If you love photoshop and dont know illustrator…you should know..ITS EASY and its very similar and worth it for all those print projects and logo projects.

I hope you learned something here,



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  2. I took both Illustrator and Photoshop classes in school, and remember well how awesome Illustrator was. Never ended up using it as much as Photoshop, though. Is this the case for most people? Curious…

  3. I love Photoshop and have toyed around a bit with Illustrator, just can’t seem to get my head around the pen tool AI…oh well like everything else, practice makes perfect. Thanks for the post.

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