Car and Shoe Hybrid, photoshop-manipulations, FILA winter catalogue

Below are several coverpage designs for a Winter Collection – FILA Shoe Catalogue . Alsrad is the official FILA contact in Israel. For each section we designed a gateway page playing on the similarities between cars and shoes – using photoshop to create nice photo manipulations of a car and shoe hybrid. Which gives the shoes an extra boost of power! It was a fun project and I give alot of the credit to my good friend Aviram Iluz, a very talented graphic artist who gave it flavor with his beautiful illustrations thorugh-out the catalogue. I am not displaying the whole thing, but you can see below a list of all the shoe manipulations with the a larger version – with more detail if you click on each.Catalogue FrontCatalogue CoverFila BoysLA Gear (Baby)British Knights Fila (Characters)LA Gear (sport)Lotto (kids)Lotto (sport)Other


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