When Microsoft and Tik Tok Collide! Designers show us what you got.

What do you think of my Tik Tok & Microsoft Logo Hybrid?

As you’ve heard the rumors. President Trump is trying to bring the Tik Tok under US control. At least the US consumer database side of things. The deal is far from complete, but the talks are happening.

Is Microsoft the only candidate to to buy the Tik Tok USA? Could Microsoft successfully run a social media site? Why haven’t they done so until now?

Is it even possible to divide a social media brand in such a way? It sounds like a bit of a mess.

Lots of questions… no answers (-:

Can you come up with a creative TikTok Microsoft Hybrid Logo?
Be creative with the logo design as well as any tag lines you may come up with & UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN BELOW.

The point here is to just have fun.

Simply upload your JPG files below with your design – Selected entries will be posted on PhotoshopCandy for the world to see.

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