Oskar Fischinger – Google’s Awesome make your own visual music compositions

Go to Google.com and click on the play button – as shown in image above.
June 22 2017 – Really Fun.

Refreshing Mirinda Rebranding efforts – as seen on Behance

Mirinda global rebranding pitch. Last year Creative Boutique Safari Sundays in New York worked on some packaging ideas for their client pitch presentation. 4 creative concepts were designed for 4 different flavors. Concept number 2 gets my vote!

Mirinda Soft Drink Package Design

Adobe Launches Stock Photo Site – Competition for Istockphoto?

Adobe Launches a stockphoto site.

Adobe stockphoto 2015

The All-New Honda 2016 HR-V “Give and Take” and Stretch Your Face.

Remember having fun with Photoshop in to the early hours of the morning – distorting peoples faces and cracking up… this new eye-catching Honda commercial reminds me a little of that. One of those guys also reminds me of Darryl Strawberry from that Simpson’s episode… “There’s like a party in his head – and everyone is invited!” Anyways, Enjoy!


Download Free Icons with Adobe Creative Cloud – Pretty Awesome feature

I just discovered that if you are signed up with Adobe Creative Cloud – there is a nice selection of Icons that can be downloaded for free. I was in shock. Yet, pretty happy about my discovery! It is still a rather small selection, but it looks like it has potential to grow. I have not looked into it much yet, but I wanted to share it with you all.
Here is how you can access the free icons:
1. If you click on your Adobe Cloud icon on your upper toolbar
Select Assets
Then Select Market
Then below that click on the arrow to see a drop down menu of various types of free artwork files for download.
I chose Icons
See Screenshot below. ENJOY!

Free icons

Adobe CC free icons


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