Round-up of awesome eroded & grunge style fonts

These hand selected eroded and grunge style fonts are great for web designers and logo artists alike – they are free to download too. Distorted or eroded fonts are being used by designers more often than you think. Of course, we may not use this kind of font for every occasion, but if  you are looking for something […]

Where can I find Free Website Templates? Check this out

Below are 10 Hand Selected Free Website Templates Which you can actually download right now and give your website design a professional look! The great thing about website design templates is that they allow you to build professional looking websites/blogs quickly and with very little effort. Each website template is usually very easy to customize to […]

Fun & Amazing Vintage Print Ads Roundup for Inspiration

Wetern Electric: Western Electric was ahead of their times. Amazing how technology is moving so fast. This ad below is from 1969 (I think), but a prototype was tested in 1956. Source and here and even more details here Ad 1955 General Telephone System: Tradition of Service source 1955 Ad Realist Camera. Stereo Realist. Cool. It […]

1000PLUS Designs – Mother of all Design Inspiration roundups is here! MUST SEE

These Hand picked design inspiration round-ups are very popular lately. So popular, that I decided to make this post which is a compilation of the best of the best of roundups. I.e., The Round Up of the Round Ups, Mother of all roundups! I hope you find these roundups and collections helpful. 94 best logo […]

Creative Print Advertisements that use their surroundings …and others

Whenever designing a print advertisement its always good to get inspired before. Check out these funny, and creative ads. Some of the ads find creative ways to use their surroundings. Panasonic nose trimmer: Borat Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia Panasonic nose trimmer: Fatty Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia Panasonic nose trimmer: Baldy Advertising […]