The Batman New Logo Revealed

I always thought that Batman was yellow and black. A memorable brand indeed. I mean, isn’t this what we all remember?

The Classic
Batman Logo
that I remember.

For the virtual DC FanDome event, filmmaker Matt Reeves revealed the new look for “The Batman” on his twitter account. Including some artwork by Jim Lee.

I don’t claim to be a Batman fanboy – but I must say, this Batman artwork has evolved quite a bit from the rounded classic yellow and black symbol. The batman brand was always more approachable from the logo design to the film itself. I remember it being somewhat family friendly. After taking a quick glimpse at the new trailer, it’s quite the opposite. That said, the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice already targeted a more mature audience, so maybe it’s been this way for a while.

The original Yellow and black used for Batman is a quite a bold color combination in and of itself – moving it to Red and Black takes that boldness up a notch. Red and black screams fear and danger. Over the years Superhero films seem to be moving to a darker place…

Perhaps from a ‘design review’ perspective this new design will get graded well and attract a lot of attention but is it good for the Batman brand?

The Batman 2021
(or shall I say ?0?1)

The new DC FanDome poster by DC artist Jim Lee  (Image credit: Matt Reeves)

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