Video Tuts

Glass Badge with Transparency effect

In this Photoshop Video tutorial I will show you how to create a transparent glassy looking badge. Remember, if needed, you can always pause the video as you take time to work it out on your own. The final product looks something like this, but without the text: \ If you want to know how […]

Stencil Graffiti Art – Video Tutorial

Here is really high speed tutorial which I found to be very cool. I dont know if you will catch it all if you are a beginner…but it is fun to watch either way. A Quick and dirty tutorial video showing how to make your own stencil art using creative commons licensed images, photoshop, a […]

Glossy Button Video Tutorial and PSD

Hey there everyone – I have been quite busy and havent had much time to be creative.. I hope no one suspected that I gave up my blog. Anyways, in this tutorial I will teach you how to create/design a nice sleek glossy button  using PHOTOSHOP!! The final image will look something like this: Why […]

Web 20 Shiny Floor Effect – video tutorial

If you liked this tutorial: – The Web 2.0 shiny floor effect Than You will probably enjoy this one below… It may be a little hard to follow if you arent familiar with photoshop. This is an older tutorial I did – which was uploaded to youtube and totally lost quality – But the […]

video tutorial in action.

Here is a nice sample of what can be done with the previous video tutorial: Check it out… the sky is the limit.