Design Tips

Optimizing Your Landing Page for Conversion (Tips from the Trenches)

I’ve done a lot of reading the past few years on SEO and Adwords to bring visitors to my site, but by far the most creative and interesting discipline is optimizing the conversion rates on my website. Every website has a goal. The goal of my website: is to provide a forum where consumers […]

All about designing a logo..

From a Designers perspective – A really good logo takes time and thought to create. Its important to start by doing some serious googling before diving in. Checking out things that are related to the subject at hand. Once you have gathered everything possible – you can print out all you have….and spread it out […]

Layer Effects – transfer from one layer to the next.

Good to know tip. Some people may know this – but it is very useful for those who don’t. Using Photoshop cs2 Q: How do I copy blending option effects (layer style) from one layer to the next? A: Simply place your cursor over the effect layer – Hold down on alt and than drag the effects to […]

Tips on Logo design.

  medialoper logo(c) 2005  Logo Design Aaron I designed this logo a while back. In general For this logo I went against some logo deisgn rules… but if it looks good, if the concept is catchy and the client likes it than go for it! Very important rule in general about designing logos is that it should be […]

Tip of today.. A cool photoshop clippingmask short cut I want to share.

I dont know what category this goes in – but I would call it intermediate to advanced. Scenario: Lets say you have a certain image on layer 2 – and now you want to create a adjustment layer over top of that in order to give that image (on layer 2) a certain effect.  That is all […]