Logo Design

Pass GO get $2,000,000! – Monopoly Revolution in Design & Concept

Originally seen on Yahoo. It’s the 75th anniversary makeover for Monopoly. A classic game moving into the age of technology.  The new version will have no more loose moneys flying around. With fancy Electronic banking and guess what, if you Pass GO you get 2 Million Dollars! Who needs to land on free parking anymore. […]

Sun-Maid Raisin girl, Betty crocker, Aunt Jemima, and Mickey Mouse go get makeovers

The Sun-Maid Raisin girl (Read all about her and see the real girl) was recently spotted with an interesting make-over in a television advertisement. As far as I understand, the new girl will only be seen on tv/video advertisements. The logo on all the packaging will stay the same. It is common for companies to […]

ChatChain Logo revised – go check it out

I have recently revised the chatchain.com logo.  I uploaded it to my creattica account. If you like it - Go there to vote in favor!

Identity Round-up 17 Hand Picked Logos

Here are 17 Top of the line Logo Designs that I have hand picked for you all to enjoy, some were found at Creattica.com and others at Logopond.com, 2 sites that are worth checking out if you are going through an identity crisis. RossPoultry by Firebrand Beercation by James Jones   Visit Beercation website Down by […]

Logo Design Inspiration – The BIG 15 Roundup!

When designing a logo it is always good to have a resource for inspiration. I decided to put together 15 sites that will hopefully inspire you when designing logos. Now remember, NO plagiarism…these sites are for inspiration only! You will see some really nice stuff and get a clearer picture of what logo design is all about. Enjoy.