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Pass GO get $2,000,000! – Monopoly Revolution in Design & Concept

Originally seen on Yahoo. It’s the 75th anniversary makeover for Monopoly. A classic game moving into the age of technology.  The new version will have no more loose moneys flying around. With fancy Electronic banking and guess what, if you Pass GO you get 2 Million Dollars! Who needs to land on free parking anymore. I wonder how much it costs to buy Boardwalk? Electronic Banking  has been around for a while now, apparently this version will have tighter security, whatever that means. Finally, it’s round!


From a design perspective let’s take a look at Monopoly from past to present…

From 1934 – 1953 apprx – found here



Hey that looks familiar…


A step into the electronic banking era…


Fall 2010 – The Monopoly Revolution with fancy banking a round board!… and hey – notice something missing’? where did the famous mascot go?!


In this image above, I can not see the monopoly mascot, the man with the mustache, where did he go? Maybe give him a haircut and buy him a new suit, (keep the mustache) but hey I think he adds to the Monopoly Identity!


Will he get his place on the Monopoly Revolution Electronic Board game – or has he been sent to Jail? Let’s wait and see! From what I understand, “Monopoly Revolution” will be out this fall for around $35.  If you don’t like the new version – no worries – they will still be selling the old board games for people who are interested.

Sun-Maid Raisin girl, Betty crocker, Aunt Jemima, and Mickey Mouse go get makeovers


The Sun-Maid Raisin girl (Read all about her and see the real girl) was recently spotted with an interesting make-over in a television advertisement. As far as I understand, the new girl will only be seen on tv/video advertisements. The logo on all the packaging will stay the same.

It is common for companies to constantly update and edit their branding with the times. If the company is looking to sell their products, they will make all kinds of changes in order to fulfill that goal. They are selling to the general public, and will do what it takes to attract them. Am I telling you something you didn’t know??

Here are some other interesting Makeovers from Classic brands of the last century


Mickey Mouse in his new 3d rendering for a new computer game gets really angry looking. Why would they do that? Is it cool to be angry? I don’t like this direction.


Aunt Jemima. In my opinion, the make-over is well done. The face is totally different but yet the image and feelings it evokes are the same. Cute mother-aged lady who looks like she knows how to make a good pancake.


Betty Crocker, I guess she still looks like a good cook. Picture source.


Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, No facial image here, just a simple recognizable graphic logo. The number 31 nicely hidden in the more lively B and R. They couldn’t think of that any sooner?! That is pretty cool. “31 flavors…a flavor for every day of the month.” I think their newest logo portrays what they do the best. It’s fun and it’s creative. So is their ice cream.

“A family business. They started out in separate ventures at the advice of Irv’s father. In 1945, Irv opened Snowbird Ice Cream in Glendale, California. His store featured 21 flavors and emphasized high-quality ice cream sold in a fun, personalized atmosphere. A year later, Burt opened Burton’s Ice Cream Shop in Pasadena, CA. By 1948, they had six stores between them. This concept eventually grew into Baskin-Robbins.

Read about their history here and see what their old store sign looked like.

Identity Round-up 17 Hand Picked Logos

Here are 17 Top of the line Logo Designs that I have hand picked for you all to enjoy, some were found at and others at, 2 sites that are worth checking out if you are going through an identity crisis.

RossPoultry by Firebrand

Beercation by James Jones   Visit Beercation website

Down by gunterschobel   Visit Down website

Safety by Zoran Tenkes

1986 by Kamil Bober

Wine by almosh82   Visit wine website

Zoo Zagreb by shtef sokolovich

Musikings by Dennis Thomsen | !mude

 Bamboo Paperie by Scott   Visit Bamboo Paperie website

Steps by Jason Sanzone

Burnlab by nekton

Samurye by michaelspitz   Visit SAMURYE website

Laboholic by wizemark   Visit Laboholic website

Bird by Peter Vasvari   Visit Bird website


Infinity Crime Studio by   Visit Infinity Crime Studio website

Egg by nido

Love clip by Designabot

I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did (-:<