The All-New Honda 2016 HR-V “Give and Take” and Stretch Your Face.

Remember having fun with Photoshop in to the early hours of the morning – distorting peoples faces and cracking up… this new eye-catching Honda commercial reminds me a little of that. One of those guys also reminds me of Darryl Strawberry from that Simpson’s episode… “There’s like a party in his head – and everyone […]

Photoshopped Animal Hybrids…fun to watch

Art that plays mind games

Here are some pictures that I received in an Email forward – I thought I have seen them all. I was wrong.  Theses pics can be quite fun. Lets see if you have a good eye for them. Also if you know any of the artists, or if I missed someone or made a mistake – […]

Photoshop comes to life

Yes, this is what photoshop would look like, if it was on your bedroom wall. This fascinating replica of the “Photoshop Workspace” really brings photoshop into reality. Rumor has it that this was made for a Photoshop-ad in the Indonesian market. Cool. See how hey did it! credits/source:

Cool and Crazy Web browser trick!

I dont know who wrote the code first …but if anyone does – let me know in the comments. It is probably common knowledge by now….but if you havent see this – YOU MUST! Go to google images and search for any random image you want….. than Copy and paste this code into your browser […]