Stockphoto site worth checking out

Hey guys, I know that there are many stockphoto websites out there, but you have to admit some of them can get quite pricey. If you are looking for high res photos for print the price can really get high. Here is a stock photo site that is actually pretty decently priced.  Images range from […]

What’s up with this blog?

Hey Everyone, I have not updated this blog in quite some time, so I just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know that this blog is still active and I hope to be posting something new and exciting soon. BTW – we are looking for an outstanding Art Director to interview […]

WOW!!! – We’re back up!

Hey the site is back up!!! I am sorry about the last few weeks, my site was hacked. I am sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused to someone. Please feel free to visit and check out what’s new!

DESIGNERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, DIGITAL ARTISTS your honest opinion is needed!

Hi guys, I have a very simple question, all that I am asking for is your HONEST opinion. If you want you can message me your answers directly and it will not get published publicly. Otherwise use the comments section below THANKS! The simple question: 1) When you design, photograph, or just upload images to […]

Freebies VS Not Freebie – The difference is priceless

  ok, I will warn you, this is not my average posting material. I’ll be risky… “Freebies” VS “Not Freebie”. The difference between the two is priceless. I am getting the feeling that one can acquire any digital media that he or she desires absolutely free. There are thousands of design related blogs that constantly […]