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Designing with Adobe XD – A New Youtube Video series

Hey, if you’re a web designer or graphic designer and haven’t started using Adobe XD, then you definitely should. It’s currently in BETA and it’s FREE, but who knows when Adobe will start charging. My guess is, that as soon as it becomes an industry standard, it’s going to start costing money. Hey, and then we’ll have to buy it! From my experience with it, there are still some essential needed functions that can not be done yet, but from the feel of it, this program is only gonna get better.

That said, UX designer XO Pixel (Marisa Blair) kicks off a tutorial series on designing a destination website with Adobe XD. Great place to get started.
Check it out here

PixelSquid, A New 3D resource by TurboSquid

A new site that I just discovered, looks pretty cool. PixelSquid, is a new plugin for Photoshop that was  developed by TurboSquid PixelSquid offers stock 3D content in a 2D format. You can choose the angle that you want, and download it. As you can imagine, this can save you tons of time. Thought it might be of interest to you all. I just received a Free Trial, I’ll try to let you all know how it goes  – Thanks PixelSquid!
Check Out PixelSquid Here.

Stockphoto site worth checking out

Hey guys, I know that there are many stockphoto websites out there, but you have to admit some of them can get quite pricey. If you are looking for high res photos for print the price can really get high. Here is a stock photo site that is actually pretty decently priced.  Images range from as low as 80 cents  to maximum $20(apprx). The site is called Depositphotos and they seem to be a US based company. It’s worth checking out.
On top of that, I also noticed a crazy 20% sale going on right now on Halloween imagery.