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[Design Resource] Unlimited Digital Assets on Envato

This is a great resource for designer freelancers out there. Envato has been leading the industry in selling Stock Graphics for years now. They currently offer an UNLIMITED plan to a broad variety of digital assets to use on your projects. 310,000+ digital assets
Including Photos, fonts, graphics, 3D elements, add-ons and templates for websites and presentations.
It’s ONLY $29 / month

Stockphoto site worth checking out

Hey guys, I know that there are many stockphoto websites out there, but you have to admit some of them can get quite pricey. If you are looking for high res photos for print the price can really get high. Here is a stock photo site that is actually pretty decently priced.  Images range from as low as 80 cents  to maximum $20(apprx). The site is called Depositphotos and they seem to be a US based company. It’s worth checking out.
On top of that, I also noticed a crazy 20% sale going on right now on Halloween imagery.