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TOP 50 Facebook Brands of 2009 and something to think about

See how Top Brands have been utilizing Facebook Fan Pages for 2009. According to this slideshow: Coca Cola in first place, Starbucks in 2nd place (over 5 million fans) YouTube in 7th place and Pixar Animation Studio in 21st place. Pretty amazing information. You can check out the slideshow below to really see more details about each brand and fan page. If you think about on a different note, I notice something which I think is rather mind boggling. As of 27 December 2009 the Earth’s population is estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be 6,792,600,000 and as of April 2009 facebook users were up to 200 Million, which, if you think about it for more then 5 seconds and actually contemplate those numbers, you will realize that that is roughly 3% of the worlds population. GULP. Where is the rest of the world? Facebook users are a minuscule minority, a spec of dust amidst this huge world. Yet when looking at the computer screen from the comfort of our own homes, we think the whole world is here with us.
Something to think about.

Shiny little icons – Free layered PSD download

Hi guys,  I hope everyone is enjoying the logo contests. I am pretty impressed with the quality of the entries. Good luck to all of you.
Oh, yeah you are probably reading this post because I mentioned something about shiny little icons for free.  Here is what they look like:


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If you do use any of these on your projects, Please give a credit link back here to this site. (I would appreciate it)

The 1 Layer Bubbly Text Effect!

In this tutorial I will show you guys how to do this:


The best part about it, is that it is done using no more than 1 layer . You better believe it!
Let’s begin.

Step 1

Start by typing out any word you want using the Type Tool. I used a round thick looking font for this tutorial. Once the word is typed out – simply go over to the layers panel and double click on this layer. Or right click over it and select “Blending Options” . This will open the “Layer Style” window.

Step 2

First Select/check “Drop Shadow” and use the following values :


Step 3

Now select/check “Gradient Overlay” make sure the Style is on linear and the other values are like this:

Now click on the Gradient bar in the middle – this will pop up another window so we can edit the colors for the gradient.
We want to use 3 colors. As shown in this screen-shot below:


Tips :
To add a “color square” just click anywhere below the gradient bar.
To remove it, just drag it downwards!
To change its color – click on it and than the color will show up below in the “Stops” area where you can change the color there.

Step 4

Now to finish it off….

Select/check “Stroke” and enter the following values :


now you can click “OK”

and you are done! Awesome effect in 1 layer!

The Big Phat Outline effect – so cool and easy.


You like this cool outline effect? So do I – and the fun part is that it takes about 2 seconds to do!

We will do it in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

Using the Type tool – write whatever you want using a nice full font. ( no serifs please)

Step 2:

Double click on that layer to open up the Blending options. Select Stroke and do this:

Step 3:

Now go select drop shadow and do this:

Look at what you did !

Way to go.

I hope you liked it.

Most Popular Tutorial on the site.

In case you have missed this one.
It is the most popular tutorial on Photoshopcandy to date. It has been hit over 100,000 times! The shiny floor effect is still going strong. I thought you may like the tutorial. If you haven’t seen this yet. This one I tried something new – I don’t always like the way tutorials are written out – they can get boring and not easy to follow. So in this one I am not going to talk much…
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