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TOP 50 Facebook Brands of 2009 and something to think about

See how Top Brands have been utilizing Facebook Fan Pages for 2009. According to this slideshow: Coca Cola in first place, Starbucks in 2nd place (over 5 million fans) YouTube in 7th place and Pixar Animation Studio in 21st place. Pretty amazing information. You can check out the slideshow below to really see more details […]

Shiny little icons – Free layered PSD download

Hi guys,  I hope everyone is enjoying the logo contests. I am pretty impressed with the quality of the entries. Good luck to all of you. Oh, yeah you are probably reading this post because I mentioned something about shiny little icons for free.  Here is what they look like: Don’t forget to subscribe to […]

The 1 Layer Bubbly Text Effect!

In this tutorial I will show you guys how to do this: The best part about it, is that it is done using no more than 1 layer . You better believe it! Let’s begin. Step 1 Start by typing out any word you want using the Type Tool. I used a round thick looking […]

The Big Phat Outline effect – so cool and easy.

You like this cool outline effect? So do I – and the fun part is that it takes about 2 seconds to do! We will do it in 3 easy steps: Step 1: Using the Type tool – write whatever you want using a nice full font. ( no serifs please) Step 2: Double click […]

Most Popular Tutorial on the site.

In case you have missed this one. It is the most popular tutorial on Photoshopcandy to date. It has been hit over 100,000 times! The shiny floor effect is still going strong. I thought you may like the tutorial. If you haven’t seen this yet. This one I tried something new – I don’t always […]