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How to make that crisp cool navbar + text effect (sounds yummy)

People like Apple products for many different reasons. One of the things I love about apple is the cleanliness of their designs. They make the most sophisticated things seem so simple. They really take advantage of the use of “white”. Some clients tend to think that white space is an ememy. Although most designers, if educated properly, know that white is another color just like all the others, and if used properly can actually make a BIG difference. I have put together a few screenshots to help you achieve something very similar to the famous Apple nav bar effect.

To begin, I will tell you the 5  important components needed to create this nav bar along with screenshots of the exact properties I used. Then you guys will be able to put it together on your own. It’s easy- You’ll see…

• Default Button Background Gradient
• Default Button Text Effect
• Hover State Background Gradient
• Hover State Text Effect
• and finally the dividing line between each 2 nav button

Start by using the shape tool and dragging out a nice rectangular shape on your stage. Double click on the layer you just created and give it a nice “gradient overlay” like this:

This would be the Default Button Background Gradient:


Now using the text tool write out the text you want on your nav bar. Change the text to black.  Go double click the text layer and give it a drop shadow with the following properties:
This would be the Default Button Text Effect:


Now to create the Hover effect for when someone mouses over the nav bar, you simply take the same steps as above but this time using these new properties.

Hover State Background Gradient

Hover State Text Effect
The text should be white and the drop shadow properties should be as such:

and finally the dividing lines between each 2 nav buttons .
Using the line tool drag out 2 lines about the height of your nav bar and each line should be 1 pixel wide. 1 should be light grey and 1 should be dark grey.


And that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed the simplicity of this beautiful clean nav bar. Don’t leep it for yourselves.  Share it with your friends and ReTweet it like crazy! Thank You!

This is what it should look like when you put it all together:


The 1 Layer Bubbly Text Effect!

In this tutorial I will show you guys how to do this:


The best part about it, is that it is done using no more than 1 layer . You better believe it!
Let’s begin.

Step 1

Start by typing out any word you want using the Type Tool. I used a round thick looking font for this tutorial. Once the word is typed out – simply go over to the layers panel and double click on this layer. Or right click over it and select “Blending Options” . This will open the “Layer Style” window.

Step 2

First Select/check “Drop Shadow” and use the following values :


Step 3

Now select/check “Gradient Overlay” make sure the Style is on linear and the other values are like this:

Now click on the Gradient bar in the middle – this will pop up another window so we can edit the colors for the gradient.
We want to use 3 colors. As shown in this screen-shot below:


Tips :
To add a “color square” just click anywhere below the gradient bar.
To remove it, just drag it downwards!
To change its color – click on it and than the color will show up below in the “Stops” area where you can change the color there.

Step 4

Now to finish it off….

Select/check “Stroke” and enter the following values :


now you can click “OK”

and you are done! Awesome effect in 1 layer!

Perspective Text Effect- without rasterizing it.

In this quick and easy tutorial I will show you guys how to get a neato text perspective effect.
By the way – this can be done with shapes too. Feel free to experiment.
Kind of like this:

Step 1:

Open a new document and Type any word you please. Use a thick font for this tutorial. You should have this.

Step 2:

Right click on that layer and select “CONVERT TO SHAPE” You should have this:


Step 3:

Go to the upper menu on your screen and select EDIT>TRANSFORM PATH>PERSPECTIVE
and now go over to the text on the stage and drag downward holding on to the corner of that text: like so:


That’s it!

your done! Good job…its that easy.
Now if you search my site for the “shiny floor effect” you can finish off that awesome look.

The Big Phat Outline effect – so cool and easy.


You like this cool outline effect? So do I – and the fun part is that it takes about 2 seconds to do!

We will do it in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

Using the Type tool – write whatever you want using a nice full font. ( no serifs please)

Step 2:

Double click on that layer to open up the Blending options. Select Stroke and do this:

Step 3:

Now go select drop shadow and do this:

Look at what you did !

Way to go.

I hope you liked it.