The All-New Honda 2016 HR-V “Give and Take” and Stretch Your Face.

Remember having fun with Photoshop in to the early hours of the morning – distorting peoples faces and cracking up… this new eye-catching Honda commercial reminds me a little of that. One of those guys also reminds me of Darryl Strawberry from that Simpson’s episode… “There’s like a party in his head – and everyone […]

Fun & Amazing Vintage Print Ads Roundup for Inspiration

Wetern Electric: Western Electric was ahead of their times. Amazing how technology is moving so fast. This ad below is from 1969 (I think), but a prototype was tested in 1956. Source and here and even more details here Ad 1955 General Telephone System: Tradition of Service source 1955 Ad Realist Camera. Stereo Realist. Cool. It […]

HOW TO: Make a Clever Ad – Creative Thinking & Brainstorming Tips

I will take you through some basics which I think are essential for a creative ad design. Remember, there are many ways to get the job done and several techniques to get the creative juices flowing. In this article,  I will share one way to go about it and I will include some relevant ideas that […]

Wow effect – Giant Snake squeezing Copenhagen Citybus!

How powerful could a bus ad actually be? I think this ad really shows us how far you can push the limits. I really think this is the best BUS ad I have seen in a long time. WOW. Amazing. I had to share it with you. You can click on the image to see […]

Big Big Ads that you have to see

ITS A BIG AD! A VERY BIG AD….. Well, some are way bigger then others as you will see below. Check out these hand selected creative BIG advertisements. Before you scroll down, I have added a video you must see, it’s very old, but it’s a classic! here it is…Carlton Draught All you can eat! […]