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Whats coming: website header tutorial.

The actuall tutorial will be ready by hopefully tuesday! I know so loooong but sometimes the wait only makes it better. I plan on making  tutorials that stand out in  the crowd -  I can do it in 30 minutes but it will take you all 5 hrs to understand it – That is not a […]

Shiney monkey vampire tutorial.

Designer: Lynn Seck Site: Tutorial: Tutorial Here PSD File: Download Here Enjoy – watch out he bites!

Psd of the day – Squeeky Clean Smiley face

Oops he is not smiling anymore.  He is probably mad that I am giving him away.  He’ll get over it. Snatch the file here  – A similar tutorial is coming soon.  please hang in there.

It’s so clean – It sparkles

Latest submission From this tutorial we can see that there is no limit of what can be done with these little guys. To see what else can be done with this badge/starburst craze you gotta see this:

When I say Web 2.0 what do I mean?! I mean the look.

So the latest hype on the net waves is Web 2.0 . Its a funny thing but when someone uses this term – there are always those people who think they know what web 2.0 is.  We all know that it is alot more than the squeeky clean web graphics.  Here is a good link a which gives […]