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Whats coming: website header tutorial.

The actuall tutorial will be ready by hopefully tuesday! I know so loooong but sometimes the wait only makes it better. I plan on making  tutorials that stand out in  the crowd -  I can do it in 30 minutes but it will take you all 5 hrs to understand it – That is not a good idea. I think you all agree with me on this.

The goal: You will enjoy it.
You will understand it.
You will learn some cool shortcuts tricks and tips from it.
You will be able to teach other people what I taught you.
You will be able to discover new ideas and new ways of working with photoshop from it.
You will be very happy.
You will like my blog
you will come back.
you will be even happier.

I will give you a sneak peak of what it will look like.

Sweet and Spicy

I hope you’ll like it.
See you than. feel free to eat up my archives while I am away.

When I say Web 2.0 what do I mean?! I mean the look.

So the latest hype on the net waves is Web 2.0 . Its a funny thing but when someone uses this term – there are always those people who think they know what web 2.0 is.  We all know that it is alot more than the squeeky clean web graphics.  Here is a good link a which gives some good info on what this monster really is :
This blog/site may have some ajax tutorials later on, but for now it will be mainly focused on photoshop (of course) and the “LOOK and FEEL” of this latest trend – they call web 2.0