The Glossy TEXT web2.0 style

Remember – reading and doing is the best way to learn…anyways…Today I will be talking about and even giving some tips about the “way too famous” Glossy text EFFECT – something like this:
Finished product

over used on web2.0 logos…but how can it not be – it is just so NICE! – I am sure you have all seen it out there – I also know that there are many more than one way to do this effect – that is one of the countless awesome things about photoshop. “To each his own”.
NOw here is how this will work.

I will give detailed explanations – along with one image of the whole process – and if that still dont work you are free to take the psd -and use it however you like.
Begin: CTRL N – to open new doc.
choose your document size and click OK.

anyone who is using a mac it is COMMAND instead of CTRL.

Here goes:

1. using the Type tool – write out the text that you want to glossify .

Keep in mind that most of these text effects are very bad for running text but rather for titles, logos, headlines etc.. The Best fonts for this effect are the more THICKER fonts …trying to put this effect on a slim font doesnt always look as cool as we want…although it is all possible.

2. SHIFT +CTRL + N to add new layer – name it whatever you like – I call it gloss.

while the “gloss” layer is selected. Hold down on CTRL and click on the layer which your TEXT is located on (you should be clicking directly over the T icon on the text layer)

3. The “gloss” Layer should be the one which is currently active (blue)
Go to the “SELECT>>MODIFY>CONTRACT enter 1 or 2 pixles.

Now go get the eliptical marquee tool.

While holding down on alt+shift drag a horizontal oval over the top area of your selected text (apprx 1/3 of the top of your text should be selected)

now grab the gradient tool (from fill to transparent) make the fill color a light shade of the color of yo text , in my case it is a pinkish white. Now from the top of the text drag down halfway and voila…

you can add more shines of white while keeping that top area selected – whatever looks better -just play around with it.

Here was the process in image form:

The process

Download The Free PSD Here


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