THE SHINY FLOOR EFFECT – Glossy Effect Photoshop (with free PSD files)

Here is another photoshop web 2.0 style graphic tutorial.

the finished Product

This is what we will be doing …now that is a clean floor. This one I tried something new – I dont always like the way tutorials are written out – they can get boring and not easy to follow. So I am not going to talk much…

here is the process:

the process

so how is it going? shall we move along?

The continuation

and now the finally.

Teh finalle

And how can i forget the free psd file!

PSD comes with all layers intact…and it’s free for use and reuse … until you cant stand it no more!
Now how was that tutorial.? I hope to hear some feedback on that one…. was it clear and easy to follow? did you get the job done? Photoshop tutorials can sometimes be a real pain when there is too much text to read – So I guess I am trying to minimize the text and go more visual. Since it is not video this is what we got.


glossy text tutorial


Glass Badge



  1. Thanks a lot, You have explained it quite simple and well. I was looking for this to learn for a long.

  2. I don’t understand the last step – with the gradient and the box – could someone please explain it? Nothing happens on my text.

  3. Great Tutorial, I prefer text / photo tutorials to video, it’s a lot easier to follow along with text instead of having to pause the video and hope you don’t miss a step.

    I had been taking an extra 2-3 steps for the reflections on my designs, this will save me several steps and it looks better overall. Thanks!

  4. thank s ton. very-very easy and useful for me. i have decide to choose this way for my site.

    Rakesh Kumar

  5. thanks a lot …very easy to follow the steps…as good as video tutorial…thanks a lot

    Note: @Jody Florian: select the background layer then apply gradient..

  6. I don’t get it – I got as far as creating the mask but applying the gradient didn’t work – the text just stayed the same color, and the mask box in the layer area stayed white 🙁

  7. Great tutorial! Very clear and easy to follow. The only suggestion I have is to explain how you adjusted the text gradient for us newbies. 🙂

  8. I’ve only taken one class in Photoshop and I’m still so green it’s pathetic. But this tutorial is terrific and I managed to work my way through it and end up with a gorgeous header for the website I’m working on. Thank you so very much!

    I didnt knew the trick with the gradient in the middle to simulate the horizon! WOOOOO! I love it!!!!

  10. excellent tutorial. this effect is a classic but if you have adobe/macromedia fireworks, this same effect can be done in 5 steps. if you’re interested, check my guide here.

  11. Great tutorial, but what did you mean by ‘go to stage’?

    What’s this stage? I’m sorry, I’m a newb.

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