[Free PSD] Free Website Header Design

a sleek web 20 “lookin” header and web page layout – yes it is piping hot  it is something about the nice bright colors on a dark background that makes it look so good.


It was done pretty simply – and it can be customized even more easily – Just DOWNLOAD the free psd over here.
Just look inside and play around with it – you may learn something new, you may not. you may just enjoy not working so hard on your next web project. either way – have fun with it. – If you actually use this psd or part of it for an actual project (commercial or personal)I would be honored if you credit me with a link or two on your site. -ENJOY


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  4. I’ve downloaded the .psd resource..it is cool man..thanks for your tutorial..especially for .psd file

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  10. The font I used is very similar to arial rounded reg or bold.
    This link will help you to purchase it.
    http://www.fontshop.com and search for arial rounded.
    This particular font that I used in the file was purchased in a package with multple fonts and the name of this font was generic.

  11. Aaron,
    Thanks for your post – I must be too n00b or something. I opened the PSD and there are no layers – just the ‘background’ layer…
    What am I doing wrong?


  12. Just click on the link above – located in the posting it says “DOWNLOAD the free psd over here.” and that should take you to a page with a static image -click onthat image to get the psd.

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