Second Place for about 2 hours! (9 21 2006) Its very exciting over here! We just made it up all the way to 2nd place on wordpresses fastest growing blogs -after 2 weeks from launch! Chances are it has already dropped but maybe not….I took a screenshot  Screenshot

NOthing like a good ol’ kodak moment – I know the screen shot says 3rd place – i was too late   (I know what you are thinking -“photoshop”- nope this is true – it did really happened). Anyways I wanted to thank all our viewers because they helped make it possible (AAAWhh) Anyways If you are a webdesigner and have never been to  before ….than you are way behind, so go there now – it stands for the favorite web awards – they choose a website daily to showcase and its just really amazing stuff. dont miss.


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