One Red Pepper and one big smile – Just Photoshopit.

Until now i have been mostly blogging about web design related graphics – and this is good – but I would like to step one moment in the shallow end and blog a little about playing around with photos and doing all kinds of fun stuff with other peoples faces.  I must admit – years ago this is how I actually started getting interested in photoshop , I would just play with different photos, superimposing my face into photos of famous people – Bored? yeah kind of – but it was really fun. Anyways – later on in life I went to school to study Graphics Design and Print Production - During my second year we were given this project to take faces and crossbreed them with anything we like.
So here it is: aren’t they cute?

The teacher loved it by the way.  I guess the rest is history.
Tutorial Comming soon.


  1. Hey, I really like what you’ve done with the pepper, I have zero photoshop skills so im very jelous!!
    Im doing art & design foundation dip at the moment and for graphics i got a pepper-based project to do, and as I’ve found your work, I was wondering if you’d let me include your peppers as proof of research? But i’d need your surname so I can reference you prpoerly (rather than ‘this was done by aaron somebody’) so they know that its your work and not mine?
    Would you mind me using you?

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