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All about designing a logo..

From a Designers perspective – A really good logo takes time and thought to create. Its important to start by doing some serious googling before diving in. Checking out things that are related to the subject at hand. Once you have gathered everything possible – you can print out all you have….and spread it out […]

I have a question for you..

So here is the “BIG” question : Between 1. WrittenTutorials 2. Video Tutorials 3. Free Psds. What do you want to see more of? Leave your comments and feel free to elaborate.

Clean, cool and comic chat bubble icon- Download free PSD

Hey guys….whats up? Long time no speak. That would obviously be my fault since I havent posted in ages. Recently, I created this famous comic style chat bubble – which is pretty popular recently. I thought of you guys and decided I would give it away… its a cool touch to ad to any website. […]

Cool and Crazy Web browser trick!

I dont know who wrote the code first …but if anyone does – let me know in the comments. It is probably common knowledge by now….but if you havent see this – YOU MUST! Go to google images and search for any random image you want….. than Copy and paste this code into your browser […]