Perspective Text Effect- without rasterizing it.

In this quick and easy tutorial I will show you guys how to get a neato text perspective effect.
By the way – this can be done with shapes too. Feel free to experiment.
Kind of like this:

Step 1:

Open a new document and Type any word you please. Use a thick font for this tutorial. You should have this.

Step 2:

Right click on that layer and select “CONVERT TO SHAPE” You should have this:


Step 3:

Go to the upper menu on your screen and select EDIT>TRANSFORM PATH>PERSPECTIVE
and now go over to the text on the stage and drag downward holding on to the corner of that text: like so:


That’s it!

your done! Good job…its that easy.
Now if you search my site for the “shiny floor effect” you can finish off that awesome look.


  1. Wow- this is about as basic in photoshop as you can get… Are going to post how to do the cutout effect next?

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