Big Big Ads that you have to see

ITS A BIG AD! A VERY BIG AD….. Well, some are way bigger then others as you will see below. Check out these hand selected creative BIG advertisements. Before you scroll down, I have added a video you must see, it’s very old, but it’s a classic! here it is…Carlton Draught

All you can eat! and more, lol Trying to entice Austrian motorists to stop off at Oldtimer, a chain of motorway rest-stops.

Ford Mustang

Timberland and Arnold Worldwide sponsored some New York street art, via leather billboards in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.
The billboards are made of boot leather! They were street-treated in “live” sessions, by artists like Alan Ket in Brooklyn.

Reinforcing Back Seat-belting Have you ever heard someone say “Please put on a seatbelt… If we stop fast, G-d forbid, you could fly right through the windshield” This ad really lets you feel that concept!

Formula toothpaste ‘builds strong teeth’ the bottom corner of the poster was removed and fake ties were stuck on to the back to make it look realistic. I like this one.

The American Bloom supermarket used giant real-life looking cakes to promote its Bloomberry muffins.

Diarrhoea treatment Imodium

“No Dropped Calls” T-mobile

The Incredible Heineken

Allstate auto insurance features an actual car
teetering on the edge of the parking garage in Marina Towers,
a famous landmark in the center of downtown Chicago. Yikes.  | Auto Insurance

DHL – No size limits

Ipod Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Tarantino’s Kill Bill In Auckland, New Zealand, Bloody looking red paint squirts from Uma Thurman’s sword. As you can see this ad involved 2 hire cars below.

Get Organized Agency: OfficeMax Branding Team, Naperville, USA.
OfficeMax is an office supplies retailer based in USA and they are teaming
up with Peter Walsh to make you organized this coming spring.






  1. These are great! Thank you so much for sharing. There’s another great billboard on La Brea Avenue (in Los Angeles). I’ll take a picture of it and send you a link soon.

  2. Very interesting pictures. I couldn’t stop myself from adding this article on digg, stumbleupon, and many other social bookmarking sites. Thanks for sharing.

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