ThemeRockers VS SuperFlyThemes + exclusive ICON PACK incentive

The Freebie incentives for this post have officially ended. Â Out of the 2 names, we have chosen ThemeRockers! We are currently in development stages (Today is Jan.1 2010). But you can already check out our coming soon page ..!





  1. I like ThemeRockers better… short and to the point. SuperFlyThemes is more difficult to say. But they are both good!

  2. Hi,
    Either name is brilliant as long as the work you are delivering is brilliant. If you build smart design that has a great look, feel and functionality people will love you. If it’s garbage, they ain’t gonna visit your site a second time.

    As for which name I like… I’ll be honest and say neither – and here’s why – you have had a site up and running that is already building brand equity. You’ve been consistent over a good period of time and your deliverables are top-notch. So, I ask, why not go with “ThemeCandy” or “SweetThemes”? Extend your brand/product offering and build an empire?!!

    Best of luck…


  3. When I read the email, the first thing I thought of was RocketTheme templates. So I wouldn’t go with ThemeRockers because it’s too similar, of course that could work for you.

    But my vote would be for SuperFlyThemes.

  4. SuperFlyThemes is definitely better.

    pleasure to help you but I’m not using twitter so I give my rights of this lovely birds design file to no.11



  5. Hi,

    Of these two options, I definiely prefer ThemeRockers.

    The “SuperFly” part of SuperFlyThemes somehow strikes me as a little immature, or like you’re trying a bit too hard.

    A possiible suggestion though, if I may:
    (Although, on second consideration, that also gives a bit of the same impression that I was criticising the second name for 🙂 )

    Good luck

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