DESIGNERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, DIGITAL ARTISTS your honest opinion is needed!

Hi guys, I have a very simple question, all that I am asking for is your HONEST opinion.

If you want you can message me your answers directly and it will not get published publicly. Otherwise use the comments section below THANKS!

The simple question:

1) When you design, photograph, or just upload images to the web – Do you take into consideration the fact that some people around the world may use some of your works without paying for it or giving credit?


  1. Honestly, I don’t put too much thought to it. I don’t like stealing, and I don’t like being stolen. But if I find my work ripped off somewhere else, guess I’ll have to consider myself flattered.
    That’s why I use Creative Commons for my photos.

  2. Yes, it’s a given fact that not all people know how to give credit to the owner of the photo. However, you can just watermark it if you really don’t want somebody to steal it from you.

  3. Yes it is true … a site stole an entire tutorial from me 🙂 i was very upset because i have worked 1 week for this tut and they publish it on their site in 2 minutes but what can we do except writing them and perhaps to google??
    You can use an watermark to protect your photos something like: “if you see this image outside, this site stole my work!!!”
    .-= PsdDude´s last blog ..Beautiful Fallen Angel =-.

  4. Yup, whenever you publish anything online the risk of being copied or your work being used without your permission is very high. But you have your rights, even under the GNU or GPL and published work is still yours. But chasing after people who violates your rights can be tricky so it’s best to be prepared that you will get copied.
    .-= rod rodriguez´s last blog ..Jim Faustino’s wonderful toy sculptures =-.

  5. I think it’s just the way people see the internet these days. They think that they can take whatever they want. That’s what makes it so tricky. You want to get your work out there for the public to see, but there are always risks involved.

    It’s hard because people will always find a way around copyright policies. It’s something you have to accept, otherwise people would never be posting their work online.

  6. It’s like facebook, if you don’t know the potential then you shouldn’t be posting them on the web. There is always a risk, but in the end those that steal will get theirs…

  7. That is just a part of doing business and using the web. I had a major university violate a copyright of mine (not online), but that just shows that this is not a new problem. It is probably not worth your effort trying to prevent it.

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