[Branding] Washington Redskins Rebrand Coming Soon? Amazon pulling all Redskins branded products!

A leading contender for the new name is “Warriors”, according to CBSSports.
Will they keep the same iconic Indian? Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

Check out the Logo Evolution of the Washington Redskins since 1937.
It hasn’t really changed much.
From 1965 – 1971 the Indian was removed, but then it was brought back in 72′.

Image:We are fanatics


  1. I would also think that sports teams generally promote camaraderie between peoples – as it brings all types of Americans together to cheer on the same team.

    Who knows what’s happening to America these days…

  2. Funny how they did a survey and asked 1000 Native Americans if the name of this team being called the Red Skins offended them and not a single Indian had a problem with it and most actually said they was proud of the name. So yet one more case of the powers that be trying to tell everyone what should and should not offend them!

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