Badge Craze

White and Clean web 2.0 badge – Free PSD file

Hey there, Web 2.0 still going at full force. Now no one really knows what web 2.0 means at this moment.. it has become so overused that it is actually FUNNY. So I say lets have fun with everyone else. You must have noticed how today if you want a cool website domain name you […]

Psd of the day – Glossy web 2.0 badge with rounded corners.

So Here is the psd I am giving out today. Yes it looks really cool, I hope you think so too. This is too short to be considered a full tutorial but it explains in short how to make that rounded corner star – Its really easy. Open up Photoshop and open new document. You […]

It’s so clean – It sparkles

Latest submission From this tutorial we can see that there is no limit of what can be done with these little guys. To see what else can be done with this badge/starburst craze you gotta see this:

Starburst psd – sponsered by Grapplica

                This starbusrst was done with this tutorial. See tutorial hereOr for the PSD Click Here  This PSD was sponsored by Grapplica. Download other Starburst Badges

A Glossy Starburst Tutorial

So here is the easyway to make those shiny, glossy, snazzy, glassy, sleek, web2.0 style, clean, bubbly, starburst, badges things. like so. To begin: open up shop. 1) Press CTRL + N (open new document) make the size whatever you like – I did mine 500x 500px. background white >OK when doc is open – […]