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Rollup that Laptop, Rolltop Design Concept

I know this video has been doing its rounds on the www, but anyone who hasn’t seen it, would probably like to. An interesting new approach to the laptop. A unique design concept by .  You can watch the computer animated video presentation below to get a better picture of what it’s all about.  Apparently, it’s a 17 inch flat screen – a flexible OLED display that is capable of multi-touch. Flexible, meaning, you can actually roll it up! Kind of like sushi? How long will it be till this makes it to the stores?  Who knows…


Clever Toaster Design at 0% Opacity

Check out this very cool toaster design. Sleek looking thing. Have you ever burnt your toast? Did you ever wonder why they don’t make a toaster with transparent walls – so you won’t get surprised by your toast that comes out too dark? Seems like such an easy solution. Well, Magimix actually did something about it. You can scroll down a bit more and see an older  concept of this, although that image looks just like a concept.  With the Magimix version it actually looks like it is starting to sell, although I am not sure.  You can watch the video below.

Via: TechEBlog

Here is the other concept I was talking about…


Freebies VS Not Freebie – The difference is priceless


ok, I will warn you, this is not my average posting material. I’ll be risky…

“Freebies” VS “Not Freebie”. The difference between the two is priceless. I am getting the feeling that one can acquire any digital media that he or she desires absolutely free. There are thousands of design related blogs that constantly update and provide freebies all the time. (Hey, I’m one of them!) There are all kinds of digital media file sharing programs which are also very popular (I’m not one of them.) On one hand I am “pro” freebies – meaning an artist can give away his own artwork as he sees fit. A company can give away their own content also as they see fit.  I will not discuss file sharing, that is a whole different ballgame.

Something may be overlooked by the average “freebies snatcher” (I confess: I am sometimes one of them) and this is what I would like to bring to your attention, it’s a subtle difference which is, in reality, priceless.

The subtle difference which is actually a major difference is the concept of “Giving”. When we download a freebie we become “Takers” and when we pay for something we have now become “Givers”. 

The concept of “Giving” goes far beyond the scope of this post, but in my opinion this is the main difference. We can all be  “receivers” or “takers” very easily. In life, in our relationships and in our workplaces, taking is always done so simply. It’s Free – I’ll take 2! Once it comes down to actually giving something of ourselves in order to provide for someone else, this is where it gets challenging. Although some people think that by giving they are losing. I must say, giving does not mean losing. On the contrary, the one who “Gives” is actually winning (in most cases). He is winning in the game of life. The world survives on giving. The world can’t survive without G-d giving to the world, without parents giving to children, husbands to wives, friends to friends and so forth.

“Giving”does not always mean giving money, although money helps in some cases. Commenting and showing your appreciation is also a form of giving. Sending an email to say how much you appreciate something is a higher form of giving. Donations are great too. A Link back for credit is another way. So next time you take a few seconds out of your busy schedule to grab a freebie that will make your life easier. Remember: “Taking” is easy and “Giving” is a challenge. Rise to the challenge and be a “Giver” even if it just means to post comment of appreciation. Turn that “Freebie” into a “Not Freebie”and acquire it through “giving”.

I hope you enjoyed that, a comment would be appreciated