Clever Toaster Design at 0% Opacity

Check out this very cool toaster design. Sleek looking thing. Have you ever burnt your toast? Did you ever wonder why they don’t make a toaster with transparent walls – so you won’t get surprised by your toast that comes out too dark? Seems like such an easy solution. Well, Magimix actually did something about […]

ThemeRockers VS SuperFlyThemes + exclusive ICON PACK incentive

The Freebie incentives for this post have officially ended.  Out of the 2 names, we have chosen ThemeRockers! We are currently in development stages (Today is Jan.1 2010). But you can already check out our coming soon page …! VS

Wild animated optical illusions – It’ll Blow Your Mind

Freebies VS Not Freebie – The difference is priceless

  ok, I will warn you, this is not my average posting material. I’ll be risky… “Freebies” VS “Not Freebie”. The difference between the two is priceless. I am getting the feeling that one can acquire any digital media that he or she desires absolutely free. There are thousands of design related blogs that constantly […]

Business Card Concept

Concept: As a Designer sometimes you are too busy doing work for your clients that it’s difficult to get around to designing your own.Comments welcome…