How would photoshop work on this !

Hey all! Check out this amazing technology. I know its not a photoshop tutorial or a freebie..but it definitely is awesome to think how design will change once we start designing on one of these.

Are You A Photoshop-Phreak?

This question goes out to all you photoshop phreaks/addicts/lovers – if you think you fall under this category please answer my question: What was the longest consecutive hours  you have ever spent sitting by the computer in front of photoshop just for fun – and not getting paid ?? Leave your answers in the comments section just […]

Photoshoped it ? Or great angle!

Some very cool photos which were forwarded to me from a friend – unfortunately I dont know the Photographers. You can check out the original Mr. Queen and find the artist over here: Dont forget to leave your comments…

One Red Pepper and one big smile – Just Photoshopit.

Until now i have been mostly blogging about web design related graphics – and this is good – but I would like to step one moment in the shallow end and blog a little about playing around with photos and doing all kinds of fun stuff with other peoples faces.  I must admit – years […]