Text Effects

Most Popular Tutorial on the site.

In case you have missed this one. It is the most popular tutorial on Photoshopcandy to date. It has been hit over 100,000 times! The shiny floor effect is still going strong. I thought you may like the tutorial. If you haven’t seen this yet. This one I tried something new – I don’t always […]

51 Most Popular Photoshop Text Effects Round up..Check em out!

Text Effects in photoshop are pretty easy to do – you just need the right tutorials! Thanks to Justin at DesignVitality for puting together this one of a kind round up of 51 text effect tutorials. Go Check them out NOW

Psd of the day – Hot text with rays of light.

Here it is: This is not a tutorial: For this one I used a small tight diagnal patter as the background floor. Instead of my usual thick ones. I used impact as the font and I gave it the used up – shiny floor effect. (shiny floor tutorial can be found here). To make the […]

THE SHINY FLOOR EFFECT so fresh and so clean web2.0 – yummy

Here is another photoshop web 2.0 style graphic tutorial. This is what we will be doing …now that is a clean floor. This one I tried something new – I dont always like the way tutorials are written out – they can get boring and not easy to follow. So I am not going to […]

The Glossy TEXT web2.0 style

Remember – reading and doing is the best way to learn…anyways…Today I will be talking about and even giving some tips about the “way too famous” Glossy text EFFECT – something like this: over used on web2.0 logos…but how can it not be – it is just so NICE! – I am sure you have […]