Free Web 2.0 style RSS feed icon. Free Psd.

Hey guys – after a long vacation – I am excited to be back. I am actually happy to see that web 2.0 style graphics are still the hype… I love it. I am slowly thinking that this wont be the case for long but as long as it is…enjoy the ride. Now for you guys, I made this sizzeling hot rss feed icon – nice and compact .

rss feed icon

Now isn’t this Beautiful! What do you think? These can always come in handy while designing a site with an rss feed option. Use it wisely. If you use it on a personal site – please mention my blog somewhere on your site – this would be appreciated. If you use it on a commercial site than just leave a comment letting us know….its fun to see how far these things go. Click here for the free psd with layers intact.



  1. i luv the look of this icon! i want to use it on my blog, but i don’t know how to integrate a logo and have it link to the feed :O( i’m very green about blogging.

    so if i could figure out how to make the technical parts work, i would definitely use this logo!

  2. Thanks for the rockin’ RSS icon! I’m looking around for an icon to use in a PowerPoint presentation, and this one’s definitely ranking at the top of my list!

  3. Absolutely, the coolest RSS icon I’ve ever seen.

    But, a lot of web users still don’t know what that logo represents. I adapted one rss icon by adding the letters RSS to the front and made that part of the reflection on my <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>science site</a>. Now, you might say, a lot of web users won’t know what RSS stands for either, but at least there’s chance that the curious will look it up and discover the wonders of newsfeeds; it’s especially important to add a “What is RSS?” explanatory link near the icon.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. I’m about to start playing with it. Thanks, this is just the thing I was looking for.

  5. It doesn’t work when you shrink it to icon size(32/64px). Ugly white border, reflexion to soft, background stribes to close to each other.

    Full size its beautiful!

  6. Very nice RSS feed! I don’t post much on people’s website/blogs but had to tell you this.

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  9. Dude this is sweet. How about making a whole standard set of icons in this style?? Maybe have different color schemes too. Then release it under GNU GPL or something open source?


  10. The buttom is awesome – so clean and gleamy! If you need another challenge: please have a look at the “blogger” button in the header of I tried to achieve the “look” of the button, but failed miserably! There aren’t many tut’s on square buttons – perhaps you could give it a try.

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  13. wow, one of the biggest i’ve ever seen, and certainly one of the most beautiful.

    it’s a shame that it’s too big for my site, otherwise will certainly take it and use it. well done nontheless!

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