Are You A Photoshop-Phreak?

This question goes out to all you photoshop phreaks/addicts/lovers – if you think you fall under this category please answer my question: What was the longest consecutive hours  you have ever spent sitting by the computer in front of photoshop just for fun – and not getting paid ?? Leave your answers in the comments section just below – please be honest …humor and personal stories are encouraged.

Who is the biggest photoshop phreak? We will soon find out….


  1. I was working as photoretoucher in the studio, so i was working from 10-6,5 days a week.I love photoshop so much so after igot home i still sit on my computer trying new things.Right now i’am wth photoshop everyday just for fun, about 5-7 hours aday.I love it, i just got the new one CS3 ,i can stop playing with it and lerning new stuff. I love PH more then my hubby!…shhhh don’t tel him.

  2. I spend everyday about 11-12 hours… I work in a photographic store… So i have to fix up old ladies and the like… However to get over the boredom of doing that instead of taking breaks i photoshop my own personal photos… My work mate thinks i am completely crazy…

  3. I’ve spent 17 hours before when i first really got the hang of it and discovered the real potential of it. I was so addicted I actually thought that the world was a better place because of photoshop. I sat on it probably quite a few days at that amount of hours.

    I’m glad a found a blog where someone has asked this question because i thought I was going mad. In my spree of Photoshop I had a dream. In the dream I’m waiting for a bus and on the other side is a man who I do not like the look of. To get rid of him I used the Marquee tool, drew a rectangle around him and pressed the delete key and he was gone. It was brilliant.

    Yes, as youcan see I’m a proper photoshop freak. Oh and I’ve just discovered, wordpress blog. Only God knows how much of a blog freak I’m going to become !

    Good question. Cheers for the opportunity of letting us all reveal our freakiness.

    Kind Regards

  4. Dude!!! I didn’t have contact with computers until college and just for 1 or 2 hours max at day in the computer lab, I literately delirious for having a computer on my own to spend more time using Photoshop, I started working and finally I got my first (cheapest) computer, dude that night I started around 6 pm and not let the computer until 12 pm next day! around 18 hours of Photoshop!!! I guess I spent too much time longing for a computer (around 2 years) that when finally I got one I went NUTS!!! Now days I own a 15″ MacBook Pro! this baby Rocks!!!
    Nice Blog by the way!!!

  5. Probably about 4-5 hours total, although I’ve multi-tasked for about 16-18 before. 😀 Oh, the sleep I’ve lost (heck, it’s 2.20am now, and I’ll be up until at least 10am working on samples for my portfolio).

  6. I’ve been known to hit 6 hours at a time. Currently, only about 1/3 of my PS sessions earn me money however that should be increasing soon.

  7. I spend hours on Photoshop, but I do it for a living. I’m slowly but surely achieving the ability to not take too many long hours cranking out graphics.

    I’ve never taken a Photoshop class. I’m pretty much self-taught. Every day I learn something new. Photoshop is unbelievable.

  8. Prooobably about 14, 15 hours or so. Back in Christmas I had myself a colouring spree, where I’d just draw and colour, draw and colour. Great practise.

  9. Hmmm, thats a hard question!
    I remember when I was first learning to use PS I’d spend 3-4 consecutive hours looking at tutorials and trying to do something unique. Now I am much quicker at using the program! 🙂


  10. I always use photoshop for fun and not for work. I like photo retouching, making logos.. make a lot of graphic stuff.. when i sit in front of my computer i forget what is time! 😀

  11. About 2 hours is my record… I tend to start designing a sig in there and then don’t stop until it’s finished, and some of my most complicated attempts have taken about 2 hours. After that I need a break! I don’t know how anyone does 7 hours or the like… o.O

  12. ive spent over 7 hours just on it making all sorts of things..mainly sigs lol
    but i love photoshop,im still learning more and more about it.=]

  13. @ Cy H.
    sounds like you will have a great completed project when you are done…… it is awesome when you can work on something that long and take your time to tweak. If you are interested send us a link so we can all see it when its done!? You made me curious.

  14. For the past 4-5 days i have been obsessively designing a website just for kicks since i am on break. All i have been doing is sitting in front of my computer and tweaking the design over and over, each day sitting continuously from morning till night, about 12 hours straight, with the exception of meal breaks… and that thing called sleep. I gotta say the design looks awesome but i am a tiny bit obsessed with it.

  15. when studying architecture i came to a max of 27 hours of sitting in front of my laptop. doing photoshop graphics. putting people into renderings, enhancing trees, perspectives etc. i could have been done in about 15 hours but boy: i had fun! coffee, the rising sun and listening to harry potter (sic!) kept me going. stuff like adding shadows to single leafs, multiple gradient layers for buildings and oh yeah transparencies. glass is a hell of drug! i was so much into it, messing around, trying and failing, pushing my graphics to the next level that at some point my fellow students just came by to make sure we would pass our presentation deadline. it’s been 27 hours. nearly the length of my harry potter audiobook. later the day: lots of beer and lots of sleep.

  16. 6-7 hours. I was doing coloring for one of my drawings. I was so sore after that, and the next day. I didn’t mess with PS for a while after that. xp

    But it’s not uncommon for me to spend an hour or two just on PS, though. I’m usually making different kind of graphics, or pixel-ish art, although I haven’t done the latter in a while.

  17. That was an interesting question. I spent around 7 (11 pm – 6 am, I guess)hours continuously on photoshop and corel-draw.

    I was creating mementos (Card designs) for my younger bro’s high school teachers. I think that’s the longest I sat in front of monitor for not getting paid.

    But that was nice fun

  18. Well, actually got paid as it was part of my duty but it was longer than usual. Part of some presentation and we had something to eat as it used to be late night. Sometimes I was more interested in eating:)

  19. mmm, when i was studying graphic design i spent loooong nights in PSD in a row, not in college works, just for fun that gave me more knowledge than my multimedia classes in the university

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