1. One word, AMAZING!!!
    It’s absolutely just amazing.. It’s really a good job you’ve done…

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  3. In case anyone doesn’t know, this guy, “Nico Di Mattia” has a website . He is going to have tutorials, but he doesn’t yet have them up. He has all of his speed paintings on this site.

  4. nice but… whan will you post some more photoshop tutorials?? 😉 I expecially liked the “web 2.0 style” ones! 😀

  5. Felipe,
    Yes, digital artists typically use a pressure-sensitive pen and tablet; Wacom is a very popular brand.

    This makes the computer quite nice for drawing: you get the advantage of an incredibly flexible “paintbrush” even with undo capability!

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  7. I keep thinking if he uses any other periferic other than the mouse, because it´s incredibly hard to draw with it… I´m starting to learn to paint in photoshop, but this… well it´s far from what i wondered that could be possible with Photoshop… That´s really astonishing!

    If someone find any tutorial that gives the general technics about the work, please send me at my email, or post it at my blog.


  8. This is amazing. I was curious that how digital artists paint directly in photoshop or painter window. Now I can understand properly how they can.

    Thanks for sharing this nice video.

  9. Pah, speed painting or not, this is seriously impressive. This guy (or gal) is unbelievably talented. Thats a fantastic piece if it was done with a pencil but to be completed in Photoshop is astounding. Lets hope this person is earning serious amounts of cash from this, their talent and hard work deserves it.

  10. @marc, Yeah – speed painting was what you see – In reality it did take longer than 5 minutes. According to what I read on youtube, it took 3 hrs for the artist to complete. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

  11. This is very cool, but it definitely isn’t a speed painting, it’s a time lapse capture of the artists work. In addition, this has been edited for presentation, which certainly cuts out more time. From the little bit of info that’s available it looks like these take somewhere between 8-10 hours to complete…

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