I just had a little vacation.

Hi everyone,

I really want to thank everyone who comes to this blog. Even though I haven’t updated in sooooo long. You should know, “Good things come to those who wait.” Here are some stats updates: We are just about to pass the 100 000 mark for number of PSDS downloaded from my site. Which is a good thing…it means that there are alot of people out there who are getting benefit out of this…..It Feels good to know. Also – We have had over 450 000 page views since photoshopit began in September (8 months ago) As far as tutorials go ….I have not gotten around to writing any new ones…I really should be doing some more very soon. Although if you are talented and know your Photoshop stuff – feel free to send yours to aaronova@gmail.com and I will try to post it. Also We Hope to have a couple Logo design contests running here shortly so keep in touch.. gotta run.



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