[PS Tutorial] Adobe’s best kept secret: The Dehaze tool

Learn how to remove haze from a photo in 4 easy steps.

Ever wanted to get rid of that fog? Or shall we call it the haze?  Photoshop has an amazing tool for that which many people do not know about. It’s called Dehaze. With about 3-4 clicks you can take the haze out of almost any picture. It’s also great for removing light glares…sometimes. 
Check out this simple 4 Step tutorial on Dehaze
Here is the photo before Dehaze:

Original Photo Credit: Kalen Emsley

1. Go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter

2. Select the fx icon

3. Drag the dehaze slider up to about 64 or 65. But this will depend on the photo that you are trying to clear up. The number may be different. Use your own judgement

4. Then click OK, to confirm changes.

and viola! you’re done.

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